Our first year together

My girlfriend and I celebrated our first year together. Back track December 2013, I can still remember how I used to peek on her Facebook account and tell myself how pretty she is. Though I always knew we haven’t had worked together before, I always look forward to working with her one day Arbee is one of the head wedding coordinator and a managing partner of Kiss The Girl Events. I was a wedding videographer back then when I finally worked with her May 11, 2014. Little did I know that my life will change from that day on.

With the help of her friends and fate as I call it, we were introduced with each other and they even teased us to have a date. Small talks followed after the wedding day ended with exchange of phone numbers and smiles. As I waived good by to her and her teammates, I knew it was the start of something.

Our first date followed 3 days after that wedding day and became every day. The more I knew Arbee, the more I fall for her. She was funny and witty on the outside by is special on the inside. She is the girl I’m looking for my whole life. She was one God prepared for me. She is intelligent, family oriented, independent, kind, loving sister to her brother and a great provider. The more I go out with her, the more I knew that she was more than a pretty face.

June 1, 2014, she keeps on asking me if I’ll visit her on their wedding like I always do. I can still remember clearly that night how I keep on asking her too if I can be her boyfriend, to which she replies with a big “not yet”. That day ended like how each of their wedding ended, or so I thought. She grabs a box of Krispy Kreme on their teams’ vehicle and handed it to me as soon as we both got to my car. Lo and behold, it’s a box of donuts with a big “YES” written on it. I was floored, it left me speechless and overwhelmed.

I am now the boyfriend of a girl I was once looking forward to. I kept a promise to God, to her Papa Romy and myself to take care of her always. Just this year, we celebrated our love with an exquisite dinner at Spiral, Sofitel. Of course a little photo shoot wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

To Arbee my love, thank you for loving and accepting me for who I am. I will love you always and forever. Cheers to more adventures and little trips together <3


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