Boracay 2015: One fine Day

Fourth time to be in Boracay, I am still amazed by the grandness of it’s place. The majestic view is an paralleled and to be likened that of what you can see in other countries. God is truly great as this time I have my my girlfriend with me.

This was supposed to be one of Arbee’s business trip. If you have read my previous blog post, you would already know that she’s a managing partner of Kiss The Girl Events. I wasn’t supposed to be in this trip but being the supportive boyfriend that I am, I gladly accompanied her though I knew that she’ll be working mostly for our almost 3 days stay.

I came to Boracay 4 hours earlier than her arrival. She’s with her clients together with the bride-to-be’s parents and because I’ve been here 3 times already, I settled myself at the beach front. Starbucks where I find myself working on my previous events’ photos and videos. Finally she arrived by 1:00pm at Hey Jude hotel. We had a quick lunch so she can prepare for her 3:00pm meeting.

I am just glad that despite her busy schedule, we managed to squeeze in to snap some photos to serve as a reminder of our first trip together. I can definitely say I had fun, because I’m with the girl who matters to me the most (next to my mother and sister of course). We pigged out and swam and though I wasn’t able to capture it on camera, I’m glad that it is engrained in my brain forever.

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